Embracing the Magic of the Summer Solstice


In honor of the changing of the seasons and this summer solstice, let us embrace the spark and possibility for hope, growth and changed behaviors.

For the next 30 days, you can use each question posted as a writing or thought prompt to reflect on improving mental wellness, worthiness, and/or anxiety.

Some ideas on how you can use these prompts include:

  • Read the topic and write for 5 or more minutes on what comes up around the topic for you.

  • Read the topic and reflect or meditate on that topic for 5 or more minutes.

  • Read the question and periodically think about it during the day, continuing to ask the question while letting the response manifest over time.

Make the process your own, and do what works for you. Some days may be different than others; it's okay to remain flexible. I also encourage you to take six deep and intentional breaths each day as you see the post. This can serve as a little mental daily reset that also has many health benefits. Feel free to comment on the questions, share your thoughts, share what you're working on, share what's going well, and share what you're struggling with...let's embrace this changing of the seasons and create a beautiful new season!

Prompt 1:

Why is wellness important or meaningful for you?