Forgiveness is a powerful healing tool. It always seemed as though forgiveness is for the other person. They were the one who needed the forgiveness for doing wrong. Actually, forgiveness is for you.

When you forgive others, you let go of the burden of holding onto feeling wronged and can gain peace, holding onto the pain felt. By forgiving others, moving on from the pain is possible and healing can begin.

A powerful process through healing and transformation is forgiving yourself. It’s important to forgive yourself for all the pain you may have caused to yourself that was based on experiences that were out of your control. Forgive yourself for the shame you feel, and the actions that shame caused you to take that were not in your best interest.

Often times, when you are feeling shame around a situation, you may feel the need to apologize to others who may have been affected. Consider that the most important person to forgive is you. Self-forgiveness is a part of self-love and a way of practicing self-compassion. This can be very difficult as a chronic people-pleaser because you never want to let other people down; however, in the process of feeling shame around your lack of pleasing others, you end up attacking yourself continuing the spiral of shame and behaviors that cause you to feel shame.

By forgiving yourself, you can stop the shame and start healing, creating a more loving and deep connection with yourself and others.