It was hot the other day: about 90 degrees and 65% humidity. I was going less than five miles, so I knew my discomfort would be short lived but it was certainly uncomfortable. 

After mile two I wanted to stop and walk. My mind was telling me to walk, to quit, to stop. It so easily forgets about those long term goals as soon as it feels discomfort. It doesn't want to push through those feelings; it just wants them to stop. My mind, especially when I first started running, tells me anything to get me to stop. It even tried to convince me I was delirious due to the heat because I couldn't feel that good while running when it was that hot out. I now know that these are just old habits, the old me, my old limitations trying to keep me where it knows I'm safe and comfortable. I am not my thoughts.

When my mind starts doing this, I will to shorten my goals. I start negotiating with my mind, and I create new goals. Just make it to the corner, just make it to that next shady spot, or even just take one more step. Then, when I hit that goal, I acknowledge it, and I immediately make a new goal, empowering myself and proving to my mind that I can push through the discomfort by hitting each smaller goal and still continuing. As this process plays out in my head and I keep going, my inspiration grows and I remember why I am out there pounding the pavement in these uncomfortable conditions: Self-Empowerment.

That is really why I am doing this. Yes, I am out there for health, fitness, and to raise money for charity, but what drives me to keep getting out there day after day and especially in uncomfortable conditions is to empower myself to go beyond my current self-limiting beliefs. To push through this adversity so I can be better prepared for what life throws at me. To become tougher and know myself better. Every time I take that next step when my mind is telling me not to is pushing beyond my old, small, and comfortable habits.

Running has been the most powerful tool I have used to move me beyond my perceived limits and empower myself. When I started running about ten years ago, I was scared to run a mile. I really didn't think I could do it, but I got out there and took that first step to see if I could. It all starts with that first step!

What first step can you take today towards your own empowerment?

I am raising money for two charities: The Front Row Foundation and Our Pioneers. I am lucky enough to know the people who operate these charities and value each of their causes and missions deeply. So if you feel so inclined to support their causes and me through providing more inspiration with every dollar donated it would be greatly appreciated. Find my fundraising page here: https://www.gofundme.com/0to50k.