Unfortunately, I'm repeating the same old habits. My training has fallen off significantly, and I haven't been making it a priority lately. I am determined to overcome this, so I can use your support now more than ever! The 50k is six weeks away!! :-O

I ran a half marathon race this morning to try and kick start my motivation, and so far it is working. I ran my fastest half ever at 2 hours 9 minutes. The weather was perfect, the group running was great, and as I was running I was thinking this isn't so bad. We train so race day isn't miserable and today that was true. Now I need to translate that into much longer distances over the next six weeks and hopefully beyond that. 

Thinking back to the half marathon last September, I had terrible shin splints and could not bend my left knee for two days after the race. Today, my pain while running has reduced significantly, and my recovery time has improved greatly; both of my knees are still bendy :). So progress has been made and I will note that, but only to help drive me forward to finish these remaining six weeks strong. I must not keep repeating these same old habits and expecting different results. I must persevere and any encouragement is welcome!! 

Thank you for everyone who has already donated!! If you have been wanting to donate, but haven't yet now is the time!! I will translate every dollar into training motivation!
I am raising money for two charities: The Front Row Foundation and Our Pioneers. I am lucky enough to know the people who operate these charities and value each of their causes and missions deeply. So if you feel so inclined to support their causes and me through providing more inspiration with every dollar donated it would be greatly appreciated. Find my fundraising page here: https://www.gofundme.com/0to50k.