Tension = Energy Thief

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Noticing Tension

Living in today’s society alone can cause tension, and having high anxiety creates even more. Unfortunately, tension has a way of sneaking itself into our bodies without us even realizing it as it sucks away our energy. When I first started taking note of the tension I held, I noticed that many times I would have clenched fists and be digging my fingernails into my palms. I would also realize my toes would be curled in my shoes. These actions were uncomfortable at the least, and definitely took quite a bit of energy to do. Once I noticed these larger points of tension were happening without my knowledge, I started to search for more subtle ways tension was existing in my body. I noted that as I sit at work my shoulders lift and tense, many times my jaw is clenched, and my brow will often be furrowed.

The more I would take notice of what is going on in my physical self the easier it was to identify the tension I was holding. When I am watching a highly intense or uncomfortable TV show, I will feel myself tense up. Riding in a car (I have VERY high anxiety riding in cars) causes my body to tense up in ways I didn’t even know were possible. This has actually caused me some prolonged discomfort because I was so tense for an extended period of time. All of these little habits I had unknowingly formed were stealing my energy. Many of us never feel well-rested and lack energy, so taking note of when and where we are holding tension is critical to sustain our energy for more important things.

Finding and Releasing Tension


To begin to notice your physical tension, try doing a body scan. Start at the top of your head and focus on each part of your body and attempt to relax it. Some areas will be harder to relax than others, but if you notice a large physical shift when you relax a part of your body, then you were holding a large amount of tension there. It’s not always easy to identify, so it may take some concentration and a few repeated scans for release. Note obvious things like balled fists, curled toes, tense shoulders, squinted eyes, and clenched jaws, but also take note of the smaller ways like holding our breath, resisting movement, and raised shoulders. The more this tension is noticed and relieved the easier it becomes to manage. Practice this tension relief at least a few times a day to get some of your energy back. The more it is practiced, the more it becomes second nature and you can undo those energy sucking habits.


Join the Unbind the Heart Facebook group here!