Getting Unstuck

Trying Anyway

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As you may or may not know, I am preparing to run a 50k in two weeks. I would like to say that I’ve trained really well for this run, and I’m totally prepared for it, but unfortunately that’s not true. The truth is there were many competing interests this year that out prioritized training, and I didn’t have the same motivation for the run this year as I did last year. Last year, I wasn’t sure I could complete a 50k, so I prepared really well for it. This year, I know I can complete one so I think the assurance that I can complete one has changed my mental motivation. This assurance may or may not help when it comes to race day though. This race will be significantly harder than last year’s due to much more elevation change, and it is still a challenging distance. Yes, I have finished a 50k before, but will this 50k be incredibly challenging? Yes; even more so because I have not trained as well as I could have. I could switch races to something shorter, or I could choose not to run at all because my training hasn’t been perfect, but I’m going to try anyway. I know it will be hard, but I can still try and hopefully finish, but I will definitely learn something from the experience and that counts too.

While training on the treadmill last week, which I don’t particularly like but we don’t have hills in Minneapolis, I was feeling deflated. I wanted to stop pretty much the entire two hours I was there. That was until I watched this video below by Tom Bilyeu. As I was huffing and puffing away trying to get up my façade of a hill, he talked about what it takes to get unstuck. And as I pushed harder and longer, I realized that so much more was possible than what I was currently struggling to accomplish. I was trying to stay within my comfort zone, which created that resistance to the workout, and upon this realization the feeling of wanting to quit quickly dissipated.

Recognizing Our Bounds of Comfort Zone

When we spend so much time within our comfort zone, we may not even realize that we are stuck. I’ve done this a lot with my physical wellness. I’ll play within the bounds of comfort but rarely push beyond them, but when I push my limits beyond those bounds I begin to disrupt my comfort zone, realize that much more is possible and get more things moving. This is relevant to more than blood and oxygen moving throughout the body. When we push our bounds of comfort in any way, it opens up our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits, creating wholesome growth.

Progress is Permanent

People often approach the idea of running a 50k as out of the realm of possibility, and I used to have the same mindset. But sometimes it takes extreme measures to dismantle our comfort zones. Sometimes it takes really pushing our limits to determine that more is possible. Running for an extended amount of time really gives the opportunity to work through a lot of stuff. I remember during the 50k last year thinking, “I probably never need to do this again.” But here I am again a year later preparing to do it again. I realize now that the pain in that moment was temporary. Once the race was over, the thought was gone, and I recovered physically quickly. But the progress of getting unstuck is permanent. That change is forever.

Also, Phil and I are raising money for charity again this year: 1LifeFullyLived.
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I am again lucky enough to know the people who operate this charity and value their mission deeply. Their mantra of Dream it, Plan it, LIVE IT! is definitely something I live my life by.

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