Finding Your Inner Glenda the Good Witch

A couple weeks ago I was contemplating the state of gloominess I was feeling. I was considering that maybe that is just how I am. I was feeling that comfortable heaviness and grayness and was thinking maybe this is just how I had to be and it just might be like this forever. 

Remaining CurioUs 


Continuing down this thought path, I considered what felt off within and around me. I found myself thinking, "I'm not managing my energy very well." I evaluated what my energy looked and felt like; it felt dark, rough, scratchy, patchy, and uninviting. I hadn't been doing the things that create positive energy: exercise, yoga, meditation, eating well, etc. and I hadn't practiced much self-compassion either, so it made sense that things felt off. Suddenly (I'll give you a little insight into how my interesting brain works) Glenda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz showed up and asked me how I was doing in a very loving, accepting, and soothing way. I had been missing this voice, a voice of compassion, kindness and non-judgement, for awhile, and I went back to old patterns which created this gloominess. I hadn't practiced, so I found my way back to old habits. 

I told this voice of Glenda that I wasn't managing my energy very well, and she used her magical broom to sweep a lovely bright and sparkly light pink energy and brushed away all the gray and scratchiness. Yes. This is what I was missing. This felt so much better. The heaviness and gloominess lifted and I instantly felt my energy change as I began to speak to myself with compassion and grace. 

Allowing space

Since this night, the gloominess that was enveloping me has been replaced by a light and joyful energy, and I continued to remain curious about this occurrence, how it happened, and what could've created this change. That night, just before my inner Glenda showed up, I had finally asked a question that allowed space for a new energy and different emotions. I was stuck in a cycle of anger and fear and wasn't allowing space for compassion and joy, so when I realized my energy wasn't where I wanted it to be and questioned it, invitation and space were created to feel something different. A crack in the armor of darkness developed and a single ray of light allowed me to remember that I had learned how to move beyond these feelings and old habits. 

When we are feeling gloomy and gray or down, we can invite and allow space for compassion and joy to help us out of our darkness. We can find that compassionate and kind voice within by asking questions and then letting the voice of our inner Glenda to speak and sweep magical dust of joy around us.