America, you made me cry today.

The hatred and divide among us is so saddening. Unfortunately, we have become complacent. We are so divided that our governmental body refuses to even talk to the other side because of the divide that exists between the parties; therefore nothing ever changes and the story continues to repeat itself. That divide is causing complacency and complacency is killing us. This is bigger than a gun issue and a race issue; this is a societal issue. It seems to me there is an awful lot of blaming going on and people are always looking for someone else to own the responsibility and change. In reality, it is on us to change.

Every single one of us needs to check our judgment and ownership of responsibility. It is time for a little kindness and compassion, starting with ourselves. Self-love is needed before we can really love others, so this mindset that we need to live up to the idea of perfection and we are failures if we don’t is bullshit. Perfection is unobtainable, and it turns out life is kinda hard and we need to battle every day just to survive. We should each be given credit for living in this overwhelming society fueled by money and power every day instead of constantly feeling like failures because we did not perform at stellar odds each day. Self-love is the starting point, then we can move onto our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and finally strangers. With more self-love and owning the responsibility to act with kindness and compassion, we can overcome the judgment, hatred, and divide but it takes work and determination and change.

We are all living, feeling, and breathing human beings.

We all look the same on the inside.

We all bleed red.

So can we please stop turning each other inside out to see that?!