Put me in coach!

I have been taking a Brene Brown CourageWorks course recently and for one of the lessons we were to write a mantra...this is mine...

Put me in Coach! I’m ready to play…oh wait, I AM the coach!

I’m done standing on the sidelines of life. Only taking part when a ball might come my way to throw it back in before anyone notices me.

I’m done!

I’m going to run onto the field and take that damn ball and run with it; anywhere I want to go. These are my rules and this is my playing field defined by me! That’s my ball and running with it on the playing field of life is my goal.

I am the coach of my own life and I can put myself in whenever I want.

I’m going to stop waiting for the whistle, a timeout, or for permission. I am my OWN damn coach. This is my game, my ball, my rules and my life.

Be in the game, Always!