Emotional Confusion and Accepting Joy

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Last weekend I spent the weekend at an amazing event, the Best Year Ever Blueprint created and produced by Hal Elrod and Jon Berghoff: two of my personal heroes. At this event, I felt so many different emotions and feelings that I often found myself overwhelmed and confused about the way I was feeling. This is something I have struggled with in the past as well. I finally made the realization that feeling huge amounts of joy greatly overwhelms me and many of my physiological reactions are similar to when I experience anxiety and fear.

Embrace the heart, even when it is guarded and prickly

Embrace the heart, even when it is guarded and prickly

Brene Brown has stated that joy makes us feel the most vulnerable, and this makes so much sense to me because in states of absolute joy there is a lot more at stake compared to when you are feeling sad or depressed and you likely do not want those emotions to stay. When I become overwhelmed by joy, I often get tears in my eyes or cry, I mean even when a touching commercial comes on tv I almost cry so it doesn’t have to be that overwhelming, but that always confused me because I have believed for so long that crying is associated with sadness and that I shouldn’t cry. After gaining an understanding that joy and happiness cause me to become anxious and cry, I am committing to allowing myself to fully experience my emotions and cry: in times of sadness and in joy. I am allowing myself to feel the full spectrum of emotions because without sorrow we cannot know joy and I want to know both!