You are Capable; Better Mental health is possible

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I am currently reading the book Mindset. In one chapter the author discusses one of the thousands of examples of how people's mindsets are altered based on preconceived notions. Again and again I read about those who were told how they would perform before accomplishing something and the outcome matching what they were told before the exercise. Because I see these examples over and over, I am here to tell you that on your journey to better mental health, you are able of accomplishing better mental health. You can improve and maintain better mental health. It will not be effortless, but it is not beyond your control.

For me, it has been a large amount of ignorance on my part that I was even capable  of doing anything to change my mental health state; I had no idea (and hadn't learned yet) that I was capable of change and that I needed to do things to maintain a better mental health state. Maybe it is finally time that we start to see our mental state as something that we need to actively and persistently maintain. It seems to follow the model of physical health, where healthy habits are necessary to maintain good physical health. It also seems to be true that when we consistently practice healthy habits it gets much easier to maintain a healthy state. I definitely feel it when I haven't been meditating, doing yoga, or practicing mindfulness and gratitude. I start to spiral and repeat the same thoughts in my head over and over. My attitude begins to decline, I become less gracious, and I start to feel scratchy, like I'm covered in steel wool. 

Through the long and continuing educational process of reading self-improvement literature, going to therapy, and being cognitive of my thoughts and behaviors, I have learned that it takes active maintenance to improve my anxiety, emotions, and mental health. Now that I know some useful tools, I turn to those and use them to try and say in a healthy state physically and emotionally. So again, I will tell you: you do have the power to improve and maintain your mental health state. You are capable, stronger than your emotions, and more powerful than you think. 

I have identified some of the most useful Tools I have used to persistently manage and improve my mental health state, but I know this process is different for everyone; therefore, I am including a larger list, which you can find here that includes many of the tools that have been identified to me. Feel free to leave some effective tools that you use in the comments section.