Yoga, awe yoga, my old nemesis! I know I need to do it. I know it is good for me. I know I will feel 99% better if I would just do it, but I still fight it some days.

Yoga creates so much awareness in the mind and body. Especially with body placement and knowledge, and with the breath: that DANG breath! I struggle with that one, but one of my physiological anxiety and vulnerability triggers is holding my breath, so being aware of it is very important. Yoga does that for me and it also improves physical health with flexibility, alignment, and strength. 

I started my yoga practice pretty slowly by ordering a DVD for beginners and started at home. I didn't really understand the intent as a whole, but I did get to practice some of the poses which provided some confidence to try out a class. After doing the DVD a few times over like six months, I decided I was brave enough for a class. That is where I learned a lot about yoga, connecting to the breath, that I was in charge of what I wanted out of it, and how effective it is. Yoga can be used to increase flexibility, connect to the breath, body, and mind, but it also is a great tool for building strength. There are a lot of different types of yoga out there, and it is really your choice on what is best for you. I want different things on different days, and because yoga is so versatile it provides me with an incredibly useful tool. 

YouTube is an amazing source for pretty much anything, but it is a great resource for starting and continuing a yoga practice. I especially love Yoga with Adriene! She does an amazing job of connecting it all together and keeping it spiritual and physical and lighthearted and fun. Her 30 day challenges are awesome. If you want to grow some knowledge and confidence before trying a class in-person finding online classes is convenient and easy to incorporate. I highly recommend incorporating a regular yoga practice into daily life, both an at home practice and going to classes because they offer such different experiences and learning opportunities. At home yoga practice is great, but I also recommend being brave and trying out classes in person. I always push myself and gain more understanding in classes. You also get to connect with some great like-minded people along the way.