Luckily, journaling came naturally to me long ago. It is the tool I have been using the longest to get out what is bound up inside me. Whenever I feel like I might explode, or I find myself in an infinite loop of thought, I write it out. This practice has been a blessing. 

I always feel better and often figure things out when I write. I don't worry about what I am going to write; I just write what I'm feeling and thinking without the worry about judgement. Journaling is for me and me only, so there is no external pressure to "make sure it's right". My brain cannot usually be trusted to move beyond an infinite thought on its own, so writing it out used to be my only option. Now I have a few tools to move beyond; however, going back to it always proves to be useful. 

Daily journaling has helped to prevent those infinite looping thoughts. It has now become a proactive tool instead of a reactive tool.