Well here we are again. It feels like back at zero, but I know it’s not. My husband, Phil, and I decided to get a little more adventurous this year and sign up for a Tough Mudder Half and our second 50k scheduled in November. We are running another North Face Endurance Challenge 50k, but this one will be near San Francisco ending by running across the Golden Gate Bridge. I’m nervous about it. Not because I don’t think I can do it, but because the first 50k went really well, this one will be much more challenging with the elevation changes, and I’m afraid that it won’t go as well. This feels like a silly thing to create fear, but I think it has inhibited my training up to this point. I imagined and planned to be much farther along than I am currently. I still have time, so it isn’t yet critical but I need to make some pretty immediate changes to make this a success, and I am excited for the journey to come.

Wisconsin Course Rating

Wisconsin Course Rating

To give an idea of the difference of the two 50ks, these are the course ratings for each. Wisconsin we ran last September:

California Course Rating

California Course Rating

And this is for California in November:

The elevation is going to be a challenge! And I don't know if you know about the mountains in Minnesota, but they are severely lacking, so training for elevation changes like that will also be a challenge. But I'm okay. It's all going to be okay :-). I will find a way and begin researching alternatives for training hills. 

I'm also a little worried because I am getting a later start than I wanted. I have experienced a number of physical ailments this year. It seems every time my mind is ready for the challenge of improving my physical fitness my body reacts in debilitating ways. In February, Phil and I met with a trainer for a workout session at our gym and I was super excited about the possibilities, really growing my strength and working with a trainer but during our session my neck locked up from old and prolonged injuries worse than it ever has before. My Atlas vertebra, the one at the very top of the neck, glued itself to my skull and would not let go. It took months to recover. But I'm here now, and ready for the challenges to come. I'm excited for the journey and to be sharing it with you! Thanks for coming along!

Phil and I are raising money for charity again this year: 1LifeFullyLived.
Their mission is to

Empower people of all ages to create their best life possible through an inclusive approach that provides holistic support in the areas of life planning and purpose, personal health, relationships, wealth building and investments, entrepreneurship, and mindfulness and spirituality.
Check out their video:

I am again lucky enough to know the people who operate this charity and value their mission deeply. Their mantra of Dream it, Plan it, LIVE IT! is definitely something I live my life by.

If you feel so inclined to support their cause and me through providing more inspiration with every dollar donated it would be greatly appreciated. Find my fundraising page here: