Unfortunately, I haven't been training much lately, but I am digging deep for motivation this week! I am planning my first 20 miler. I'm thinking I will break it up into two runs during the day. Feel free to send me some motivation on Thursday to make sure I get my butt out there and start training well again! I am also signing up for a half marathon happening in a few weeks to put some fire under it as well. 

During my lack of training, I want to share how listening to the right people has improved my running greatly. In a previous post I talked about how the right gear, namely shoes, have changed my running game completely. I have also started listening to the training advice I have heard over and over: "You must increase your mileage slowly." That has helped reduce my pain significantly.

Another individual that has improved my running style is the amazing triathlete coach, Lance Carter. He improved my whole running form in one short run and made it clear on how to continue implementing these skills on future runs. Many times training advice goes in one ear and right out the other, but Lance has a way of teaching that makes it stick, and helps you feel the difference in your running when you are implementing the skills versus not.

I'm super excited to share that Lance has put together these lessons in a video series! Through implementing these skills I have increased my speed by at least 30 seconds/mile up to one minute/mile depending on the run and how well I am implementing the skills. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their running form and reduce pain during their runs (whether it is 1 mile or 100 miles) to check them out through the link below!

Lance Carter Coaching Videos


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