Halfway there!! Mileage Wise

Heat Impacts My Pace

I ran my longest run to date last week: 16.1 miles! I had been stalling going on another longest run remembering how hard my previous long run had been. Fortunately, this run was not as hard as I remember the 14-miler being, and I finished it in feeling better than expected. The temperature was about 12 degrees cooler than when running the 14-miler, and I was able to complete it almost a full minute per mile faster. I am noticing that the heat definitely affects my pace, and running these longer runs helps us get to know our habits and needs while running long distances. I monitored my nutrition more carefully and ensured I consumed 100 calories approximately every hour; this helped me to sustain higher performance physically and mentally. [Even though what I thought was a Gu pack in my waist belt was actually sunscreen! Always double check your supplies before leaving for a longer run.] All things considered, I felt good during and after the run and I recovered quickly. Consistent training really does help! Must keep running :-)

Minnesotan MOSQUITOES are the absolute worst! 

I don't know how they do it, but these mosquitoes manage to bite through multiple layers of clothing while I am running! They bites in specific places where clothes will rub to ensure you are reminded that they bit you every time you go running, and they last forever!! These bugs are pure evil. Never forget the bug spray.


I don't know if Phil and I are wearing more socks due to our training, but there are running socks everywhere! Mali, our dog, loves stealing socks, so she is having a great fun depositing them all over the house. 

The bathroom has become a smelly mess

I'm not the fastest laundry doer around, so our bathroom has become a place where our running clothes hang to dry. I don't know about you, but I get pretty smelly during a 10 miler in the humid, summer time, and it is super noticeable when it is all combined in one area. I need to do laundry more often!

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