I did my last training run last night as part of an annual Soloman Autumn Trails series that Phil and I have done the last few years. Last night was a 4.2 mile run on a rather hilly course (for Minnesota anyway :-) ) that I assume will be similar to the 50k course. I was able to push myself pretty hard and the most encouraging part was that I was able to push the whole race when last year I had to walk even while running much slower. The training has made a difference!! YAY!!

That was a nice way to go into the weekend. I am feeling a lot of emotions this week: giddy, nervous, excited, prepared and ready but still unsure and worried, but most of all I am feeling confident and not anxious at all. I am mentally prepared for this race and whatever will happen will happen, but I am excited about the journey it took to get here and the journey to come. 

Thank you all so much for the kind words and support!! It has helped me prepare more than I can say!

Here is a little information regarding the race for those who have been asking:

It is the North Face Endurance Challenge in Wisconsin near Milwakee

A 50k is just over 31 miles

I am estimating it will take between 7 and 8 hours for me to finish.

They do provide a live race tracker if you have any inkling to see where I'm at:  


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