Lesson 1 - I AM A RUNNER

This is a lifestyle not a hobby. I am a runner. I am an athlete.


I have never really felt like a runner. I don't claim to be a runner, but during one of my speed training runs this week it finally occurred to me. I am a runner. I am running. This is no longer a hobby but part of my life. I want it to be and so it will be. When I choose this as a lifestyle change, I will be more inclined to schedule time to do it as well as actually doing it. It becomes a priority instead of a maybe I'll get around to it.

Perspective changes everything. Change your perspective, plan for it, schedule it, take action. 


I am raising money for two charities: The Front Row Foundation and Our Pioneers. I am lucky enough to know the people who operate these charities and value each of their causes and missions deeply. So if you feel so inclined to support their causes and me through providing more inspiration with every dollar donated it would be greatly appreciated. Find my fundraising page here: https://www.gofundme.com/1st-50kfrontrowfactorourpioneers